• The Mental Health Intervention App

    The implementation of a comprehensive mental health intervention app will alert healthcare providers of changes in their client's mood and behavior. This positively impacts mental health treatment and management.

Mental Health Intervention

Mental health intervention is a hot topic today, for both healthcare professionals and the loved ones of those suffering from various disorders. On one hand, privacy is a top priority, but the community at large has very real safety concerns about those who suffer from unbalanced lives.

The Research

Since 1988, over 34 acts of violence at school were committed by those taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs. International drug regulatory agencies warn that, when not taken correctly, psychiatric drugs cause violence, mania, hostility, aggression, psychosis and other violent reactions.

The Solution

What if healthcare professionals and their clients could communicate about the client’s status and gather data between appointments? What if addiction, depression and anxiety could be addressed before reckless behavior occurs? What if that data could reduce psychotic incidences by those diagnosed with a mental illness? The Mental Health Intervention App (MHI pronounced my) is for individuals battling various disorders and the healthcare professionals who help them. Documenting the client’s mood and pattern of speech, the app communicates information to the healthcare professional, who can then alert the client to the appropriate next step. In addition, the MHI App can be a valuable tool for Life Coaches, Mentors and Court Appointed Advocates and Caseworkers and the clients they serve. Developed as a result of a specific event, the MHI App aims to alert healthcare professionals of a potential crisis, before it’s too late.

Mental Health Intervention App (MHI)